Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I was leaving my place and about the hop on the subway when I walked by this beauty. Someone had left a whole pile of "junk" at the curb. I noticed this along with a dresser and a mirror. I was in a hurry to get to school so I thought if I come back and its still here it will be a sign that it should be mine. Later that evening I returned home and still found all the stuff there, minus the mirror. I scooped this vanity up, and dragged it up to my third floor apartment. I have a tiny place and I knew I didn't have any room for it but I couldn't resist, I have a soft spot for girly / antiquey things. There was some water damage and coffee stains on the top. It sat in the middle of my apartment for a while until I painted it. I tried to incorporate into my space but it was just too big with all my other furniture taking up every space possible. I decided to post it on It ended up selling for $300! Can you believe it? One persons trash is really another persons treasure.

moisturize your hair

I have always had a problem with the condition of my hair. IT IS SO HARD TO MANAGE! When I was little my mom would always threaten to give me dread locks each time she would attempt to comb through my untamed locks. I would always wish and dream to have straight hair to blend in with my friends. But over the years I have come to appreciate my uniqueness and learned to love my hair. But after all the years of abuse my hair sustained it did not appreciate me back :(. I had relaxed it over and over again as well as dyed it and eventually when I started my modeling career (at around 18 years old) I had to cut it all off :( I was so upset and scared. My agents told me it was the only way because of the shape it was in. Well after about 2 years I noticed it had become long again and I vowed to do my best to treat it with the best possible care. I have now started using coconut oil as a deep conditioner. My hair is extremely dry and needs all the moisture it can get. After using this product I feel a difference, it feels like silk and its so shiny too. Here's a video of me putting it in. Enjoy :)


Smile no matter what it keeps them guessing...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Goldie Locks

mixed chicks hair moisturizer works wonders! No more flat iron.. Im trying to grow my hair and hopefully if I baby it with moisturizer it will grow!! Im thinking of highlighting it too but afraid that will just damage it further, I want just a lil honey highlites up top

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Painted Face

Weird thing is almost every where I go I get some sort of compliment on my skin. "Your skin is just perfect!" And I think to myself "are these people blind?" then I look in the mirror and realize " oh wow, no they're actually not" lol. If you seen me without makeup you would find this hard to believe as well. So I decided to rant about my amazing makeup. My sister actually introduced me to it. She is an esthetician. I used to be into facials and chemical peels in hope of clearing up and evening out my skin but this makeup is even better. I have really sensitive skin and all other makeup makes me break out but this one. Its name is "Jane Iredale!" All I really use is the mineral foundation, the loose powder, and the pressed powder. Occasionally I also use their concealer as well. First I apply my daily lotion after cleansing my face. Then the concealer, foundation, loose powder, and finally the pressed powder. Sometimes I finish off with some blush and mascara if I'm feeling special. I personally don't like the look of heavy makeup so I love how it looks so natural and some find it hard to believe that I'm wearing any at all. They carry a variety of shades too. I used to find it difficult to match my exact colour but this one does. Well I kind of mix and match. I usually get golden glow pressed powder and the warm sienna loose powder, I don't know why but I seem notice that the golden glow loose powder is darker than the golden glow pressed powder. Anyways, I just love it :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Ever since I watched the a certain episode of the show "nip/tuck" I have been obsessed with finding a jacket just like the one kimber had when she left her baby daddy for her pimp (lmao). *But of course I had to make sure it was not real fur.* I think it looks trashy in a way, but also classy. I love mine. I got it from zara a couple years back.

Friday, January 29, 2010

divide and conquer

My apartment is very small. I get teased about it being so tiny! It is basically an open concept living/dining/kitchen area and a bedroom that only fits my bed :( I decided to divide up the space so that I wouldn't always feel that I was in the same room. I was also getting sick of being haunted by the dirty dishes as I attempted to relax on the couch. I noticed a pile of glass doors always sitting in a parking garage outside my building. At first I thought it was from the apartment units (...and that I was not the only one missing a bedroom door). I debated and debated for weeks about taking one but eventually chickened out. I got this one at an antique store down the street from me. It was white with clear glass windows. I got some paint from dollarama (yes dollarama). I think the finished product turned out great. I painted the frame gold and the windows yellow and purple. It not only separates my living room from my kitchen but it also adds colour and character to my unique space.

goodbye, hello

vanity insanity

Ever since I can remember I wanted a vanity. I would dream about all the possibilities. I pictured myself waking up bright and early before school to sit down at MY vanity where I would be blessed with magical powers to transform myself into a makeup artist as I took a seat. I never got that wish. But now that I have moved out I can basically have anything I want :) I ended up using an old desk( I actually think it is a child desk or something) as a vanity and leaning a gold wall mirror behind it. I love it. I hardly ever use it, seeing as though my daily makeup regime is just powder, but just looking at it brings beauty to my room!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

in with the old and out with the new?

This dresser has history. I have vivid memories of it all throughout my existence. I remember my sister shannon sticking new kids on the block stickers all over one of the sides. When it got handed down to me I would plaster the spice girls faces all over the other side. My mom was furious as she would yell "that's real maple wood!" Well when I moved out of the house I needed some extra storage space seeing as though I have NO closets! So the dresser came along. Maple or not it was ugly! It was scratched all over and I could still make out the faces of Posh Spice and Joey McIntyre even though I tried vigorously to rub them out. I decided to do a complete makeover on it. At the time I was working at Hallmark (I love that store) and was obsessed with all the new wrapping paper we were getting in. This green vine one really caught my attention and I would always think to myself "what a damn shame to wrap a gift up all perfectly and just have the paper torn and thrown away as if it was garbage!" Plus that paper ain't cheap. I actually got the idea from a Martha Stewart book I have. But she used wall paper. So I painted the old dresser with some paint I found in the alley behind my building (that alley is a gold mine for finding all sorts of supplies, my landlord just dumps everything there). I then applied the paper with carpenters glue and varnish. I replaced the hardware with some pink glass knobs and Vola!

wall flower

This is a skirt I made which kinda reveals my ballerina background. I may have put my point shoes to rest but whose to say I gotta let go of the tutu?

Dance With Me?

This is one of the many dresses I have made. Well I can not take all the credit. I tweaked this gold skirt a bit. It is a vintage holt renfrew skirt and I made an add on top to go along with it. my sucky cam doesnt capture the true shine of the gold... but it is def one of my fav designs i made :)

no sir.. no dancing

My First Entry

I noticed the blog thing is ever so increasingly popular, so I decided "what the heck... I have a life to share too..!"