Monday, February 1, 2010

A Painted Face

Weird thing is almost every where I go I get some sort of compliment on my skin. "Your skin is just perfect!" And I think to myself "are these people blind?" then I look in the mirror and realize " oh wow, no they're actually not" lol. If you seen me without makeup you would find this hard to believe as well. So I decided to rant about my amazing makeup. My sister actually introduced me to it. She is an esthetician. I used to be into facials and chemical peels in hope of clearing up and evening out my skin but this makeup is even better. I have really sensitive skin and all other makeup makes me break out but this one. Its name is "Jane Iredale!" All I really use is the mineral foundation, the loose powder, and the pressed powder. Occasionally I also use their concealer as well. First I apply my daily lotion after cleansing my face. Then the concealer, foundation, loose powder, and finally the pressed powder. Sometimes I finish off with some blush and mascara if I'm feeling special. I personally don't like the look of heavy makeup so I love how it looks so natural and some find it hard to believe that I'm wearing any at all. They carry a variety of shades too. I used to find it difficult to match my exact colour but this one does. Well I kind of mix and match. I usually get golden glow pressed powder and the warm sienna loose powder, I don't know why but I seem notice that the golden glow loose powder is darker than the golden glow pressed powder. Anyways, I just love it :)


  1. Aggggghh! You're making me want to get her stuff! I've been reading good things about Jane Iredale, but I just have no freakin' idea where to purchase them...other than online. I'm picky though. I have to be able to test it out on my hand first before I buy a foundation. But I might just have to break my rule in order to try this out!

    P.S. We're always much harsher on ourselves than other ppl. You look gorgeous!

  2. im not sure where abouts you live but they sell it at pure med spa. I used to get it there but then I discovered to and they sell it cheaper there. but yah test it out at pure med spa. if you live in toronto there is one a queen and spadina.. plus alot of other locations.