Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I was leaving my place and about the hop on the subway when I walked by this beauty. Someone had left a whole pile of "junk" at the curb. I noticed this along with a dresser and a mirror. I was in a hurry to get to school so I thought if I come back and its still here it will be a sign that it should be mine. Later that evening I returned home and still found all the stuff there, minus the mirror. I scooped this vanity up, and dragged it up to my third floor apartment. I have a tiny place and I knew I didn't have any room for it but I couldn't resist, I have a soft spot for girly / antiquey things. There was some water damage and coffee stains on the top. It sat in the middle of my apartment for a while until I painted it. I tried to incorporate into my space but it was just too big with all my other furniture taking up every space possible. I decided to post it on It ended up selling for $300! Can you believe it? One persons trash is really another persons treasure.

moisturize your hair

I have always had a problem with the condition of my hair. IT IS SO HARD TO MANAGE! When I was little my mom would always threaten to give me dread locks each time she would attempt to comb through my untamed locks. I would always wish and dream to have straight hair to blend in with my friends. But over the years I have come to appreciate my uniqueness and learned to love my hair. But after all the years of abuse my hair sustained it did not appreciate me back :(. I had relaxed it over and over again as well as dyed it and eventually when I started my modeling career (at around 18 years old) I had to cut it all off :( I was so upset and scared. My agents told me it was the only way because of the shape it was in. Well after about 2 years I noticed it had become long again and I vowed to do my best to treat it with the best possible care. I have now started using coconut oil as a deep conditioner. My hair is extremely dry and needs all the moisture it can get. After using this product I feel a difference, it feels like silk and its so shiny too. Here's a video of me putting it in. Enjoy :)


Smile no matter what it keeps them guessing...