Wednesday, January 27, 2010

in with the old and out with the new?

This dresser has history. I have vivid memories of it all throughout my existence. I remember my sister shannon sticking new kids on the block stickers all over one of the sides. When it got handed down to me I would plaster the spice girls faces all over the other side. My mom was furious as she would yell "that's real maple wood!" Well when I moved out of the house I needed some extra storage space seeing as though I have NO closets! So the dresser came along. Maple or not it was ugly! It was scratched all over and I could still make out the faces of Posh Spice and Joey McIntyre even though I tried vigorously to rub them out. I decided to do a complete makeover on it. At the time I was working at Hallmark (I love that store) and was obsessed with all the new wrapping paper we were getting in. This green vine one really caught my attention and I would always think to myself "what a damn shame to wrap a gift up all perfectly and just have the paper torn and thrown away as if it was garbage!" Plus that paper ain't cheap. I actually got the idea from a Martha Stewart book I have. But she used wall paper. So I painted the old dresser with some paint I found in the alley behind my building (that alley is a gold mine for finding all sorts of supplies, my landlord just dumps everything there). I then applied the paper with carpenters glue and varnish. I replaced the hardware with some pink glass knobs and Vola!

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