Friday, January 29, 2010

divide and conquer

My apartment is very small. I get teased about it being so tiny! It is basically an open concept living/dining/kitchen area and a bedroom that only fits my bed :( I decided to divide up the space so that I wouldn't always feel that I was in the same room. I was also getting sick of being haunted by the dirty dishes as I attempted to relax on the couch. I noticed a pile of glass doors always sitting in a parking garage outside my building. At first I thought it was from the apartment units (...and that I was not the only one missing a bedroom door). I debated and debated for weeks about taking one but eventually chickened out. I got this one at an antique store down the street from me. It was white with clear glass windows. I got some paint from dollarama (yes dollarama). I think the finished product turned out great. I painted the frame gold and the windows yellow and purple. It not only separates my living room from my kitchen but it also adds colour and character to my unique space.

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